XVI Ibero-American Film Showcase

June 12- July 12 2024

We celebrated the vibrant diversity of Ibero-America through the magic of cinema at our XVI Film Showcase. This year's theme, "Urban Living," featured a compelling selection of films that explored the dynamic and multifaceted realities of city life across Ibero-America.

From dramas to charming comedies and documentaries, these films offered a rich diversity of languages, histories, landscapes, traditions, and identities that define the urban experience. They showed us how storytelling can bridge divides, celebrate unique identities, and foster understanding.

We thank everyone who supported us in making this event a success. With your help, we were able to bring together actors, directors, and curators, continuing to promote our cinema in the nation's capital. Your support was invaluable in celebrating the beauty found in our shared urban journeys.

MEXICO, All the Silence (Todo el silencio)

Wed, June 12 · 6:00 pm ·

Miriam is an actress who is also a sign language teacher, but she is not deaf herself. However, a downward spiral begins when she learns that she will indeed become fully deaf. Despite having deaf parents, deaf friends and a deaf girlfriend, she refuses to accept a world without sound.

Directed by Diego del Rio

Mexico, 2023

ARGENTINA, Rosarigasinos

Thu, June 13th · 6:30 pm ·

After thirty years, two lifelong friends and criminals are released from prison. On the hunt for treasure buried long ago, the friends find themselves up against a more complicated world than the one they once knew.

Directed by Rodrigo Grande

Argentina, 2001

CHILE, A Place Called Dignity

Fri, June 14 · 6:00 pm

Pablo, a 12-year-old boy, receives a scholarship to attend school in the mysterious and isolated Colonia Dignidad, founded in Chile by Germans. He soon becomes a favorite of the colony's leader, Uncle Paul. Over time, Pablo begins to witness the strange things that happen there.

Directed by Matías Rojas Valencia

Chile, 2021


Tue, Jun 18 · 6:00 pm

Sara and her nanny Yarisa have a relationship that seems to transcend their class conditions: they are the closest thing to a daughter-mother, but an accident will test their intimate loyalty and the innocent illusion that nothing can separate them.

Directed by Ulises Porra and Silvina Schnicer

Dominican Republic, 2021

BRAZIL, Jonas and the Backyard Circus

Mon, June 17 · 6:00 pm

Jonas is 13 years old and his life's dream is to maintain the circus that he created in his backyard. While he faces this challenge, he will live the adventure of growing up.

Directed by Paula Gomes

Brazil, 2015

SPAIN, Love & Revolution

Thu, June 20 · 6:30 pm

Seville, 1977. At a time when homosexuality is a crime, Reme, a traditional mother moved by love for her son, an adolescent aspiring artist, will become involved in the Andalusian LGTBI movement, which paradoxically was born in the bosom of the Church.

Directed by Alejandro Marin

Spain, 2023

COSTA RICA, Violeta al fin

Fri, June 21 · 6:00 pm

Recently divorced, 72-year-old Violeta lives alone in her childhood house, tending to her lush tropical garden and making plans to turn her property into a boarding house. When she discovers the bank is about to take away her house, she breaks all the rules to hold onto her home and her freedom.

Directed by Hilda Hidalgo

Costa Rica, 2017

PERU, Margarita, that sweet chaos

Tue, June 25 · 6:00 pm

Rafo is a divorced father in his forties living life as a bachelor in his twenties until his adorable, determined, pre-teen 11-year-old daughter, Margarita, knocks on his door to move into his house without warning. Rafo's life will take a dizzying, chaotic and fun turn through which he will discover himself and other people like Claudia, his pretty neighbor. Margarita will change the life of Rafo and everyone around her, forever.

Directed by Frank Pérez-Garland

Peru, 2016

PORTUGAL, Capitães de Abril (April Captains)

Wed, June 26 · 6:00 pm

Story of the 1974 coup that overthrew the right-wing Portuguese dictatorship--which continued the fascist policies of long-time dictator Antonio Salazar--and of two young army captains who were involved in it.

Directed by Maria de Medeiros

Portugal, 2000

EL SALVADOR, El Suspiro del Silencio

Thu, June 27 · 6:00 pm

Set in the coffee fields of Latin America, the movie unfolds through the eyes of Josefina Moreno, an 18 year-old coffee picker, with a rare and amazing sense of smell.

Directed by Alfonso Quijada

El Salvador, 2020

URUGUAY, El Casamiento (The Marriage)

Tue, July 2nd· 6:00 pm

The movie is born when the couple decides to get married, and they ask Garay to be the best man.  Garay not only accepts, but he took his camera to show what was happening and retrieved images of a previous film to add them to the one he started to make.  The result has the spontaneity and the fresh pieces of random life.

Directed by Aldo Garay

Uruguay, 2005

GUATEMALA, The Passenger

Wed, July 3 · 6:00 pm

As happens in everyday life, the plot tells the story of four Guatemalans from different sectors who converge in an urban transport unit: the pilot, a university student, an informal economy saleswoman and an office worker. Leonel represents an entire urban public transport guild that will carry the story's main thread. His life as a bus driver has led him to know, in its entirety, the movement of this work, which leaves in view all their problems, both personal and external problems.

Directed by Jorge Cano

Guatemala, 2017


Tue, July 9 · 6:00 pm

The plot tells us the life of Folofo and Catica, two brothers who live in situations of poverty and a struggle for social injustices. But they, without ceasing to be hand in hand, will face all these events and obstacles that will be presented to them.

Directed by Boris Lara

Honduras, 2017

PANAMA, They call me “El Panzer”

Wed, July 10 · 6:00 pm

A shy teenager vents his anger on soccer in a neighborhood where dreams compete with hunger and violence. Now he must decide between protecting his family or following his passion for soccer. A look at the life of iconic Panamanian soccer player Rommel Fernández Gutiérrez.

Directed by Rodrigo Quintero Arauz

Panamá, 2024

ECUADOR, Ratas, Ratones, Rateros

Thu, July 11 · 5:30 pm

The world of Salvador, a young and naïve petty thief, is about to be shaken with the arrival of his cousin Angel, an ex-convict in search of easy money and a hideout.
Salvador gets wrapped in his cousin’s twisted dealings in an attempt to escapefrom his suffocating family environment. Dragging along his family and friends,he ends up destroying the few things that made sense in his life.
“Ratas, ratones, rateros” tells a story of innocence lost, through an intimatelook at delinquency in a Latin-American country.

Written and Directed by Sebastian Cordero

Ecuador, 1999

COLOMBIA, La Estrategia del Caracol

Fri, July 12 · 5:00 pm

A group of tenants living in an old house are confronted with having to move out due to a renovation project the city has undertaken, but decide to unite and come up with a strategy.

Directed by Sergio Cabrera

Colombia, 1993

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