May 2024 Events

Spain: Spainfographics

Wed, April 17 —Fri, September 13, 2024

Explore the intricate relationship between Spain and the U.S. through this collective exhibition featuring the work of twelve Spanish infographists. SPAINfographics features the work that the diaspora of Spanish infographic designers have developed during the past three decades in the United States

Colombia: 2024 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

2-5 May

Over 500,000 festivalgoers will have a first-hand experience of Colombia, The Country of Beauty, through some of Colombia’s best-known artists, and culture bearers. With over 175 Colombian artists in attendance, a dedicated Cultural Exchange Pavilion will promote Colombia’s rich cultural traditions.

Mexico: Tenango Pride Flag Community Workshop

April 27 to June 8

For Pride Month 2024 you can help create a commemorative Tenango-embroidered banner, measuring 6 meters (19ft) tall and 20 meters (65 ft) long to be displayed at the front of the MCI throughout June

Spain: Lideresas by Ana Amado

Until May 31

“Lideresas” is the new work of Spanish artist Ana Amado that recreates historical photographs of male leaders, displayed at the fence of the Embassy of Spain’s Cultural Office. The artist and women recreate iconic or well-known photographs where male leaders are shown in any area of society, to generate a healthy debate and change through the power of photography.

Mexico: Jorge Yázpik | Sculptures + Mixed Media

Month of May

In over three decades of artistic creation, Jorge Yázpik’s trajectory has stitched a seam between geometric abstraction and minimalism. Embracing dualities, the artist often juxtaposes precisely incised negative spaces against the organic contours of natural materials, the sturdiness of rock or obsidian with a sense of movement and creation of space. At once spiritual, conceptual, and architectonic, his stone sculptures echo ancient art forms while simultaneously embracing contemporary concepts.

Brazil: Johab Silva: Tales of the New World

March 30 - May 26

MoCA Resident Artist Johab Silva’s solo exhibition Tales of the New World revisits the story of the discovery and conquest of Brazil using virtual and augmented reality, digital projections, and video. 

Peru: Nuwa Waimaku: The power of words

March 27th -  May 24th

Awajun Nuwa Waimaku means "those who have found the way" and have the strength to achieve what they set out to do. The story of each Nuwa Waimaku tells their fight against the dispossession of their territory and the care of their family in the Amazon.

Ecuador: Ecuadorian Orchid Exhibition

3 & 4 May · 10 am-6pm

Visit the Embassy of Ecuador and experience the beauty of the country’s emblematic flower in this temporary exhibit made possible with the support of Ecuagenera, Ecuador’s leading enterprise specializing in the conservation and production of world-class orchids.

Passport DC

May 4th · 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

AACIA-member countries Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru will take part in the World Embassy Tour on May 4th, organized by Events DC. These embassies will open their doors to the public, offering immersive experiences in food, drink, dance performances, and other engaging cultural activities!

Brazil: Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival 2024

May 10 & 11 · 7:00 pm

Join Brazil in honoring the life and work of the “first lady of jazz,” legendary pianist and composer Mary Lou Williams with Brazilian pianist Eliane Elias. This year’s two-day festival features performances by Eliane Elias, Endea Owens, Ingrid Jensen and the Center Song Project, Julia Keefe’s Indigenous Big Band, and more phenomenal women leading today’s jazz scene.

Spain: Journey to Somewhere

May 22 · 6:30 pm

After inheriting the Madrid home of her grandparents, actors Emma Cohen and Fernando Fernán Gómez, Helena de Llanos relies on the help of their spirits to face her memories and responsibilities.

Brazil: 2024 Brazilian Jazz Series At Blues Alley

May 20 - May 24

Celebrate Brazilian Jazz alongside the Embassy of Brazil and the Nation’s best Jazz club.

Ecuador: El vuelo de los colibríes

May - June 9th · 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Embassy of Ecuador presents works by Maestro José Bastidas, whose colorful pieces reflect the everyday magic of Ecuadorean life. In his career of over 50 years, Bastidas has been admirably committed to social causes, donating most of the proceeds from his art to various non-profit organizations.

Ecuador: Buque Escuela Guayas

May 21 & 22 · 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Come visit the escuela guayas ship! Its name refers to the Huancavilca tribe of natives, settled on the banks of the Guayas River, which is the main river of the Ecuadorian coast and the largest of the Pacific coast.

Brazil:Yamandu Costa at Miracle Theatre

May 31 · 8:00 pm

A virtuoso of the 7-string guitar, the Latin GRAMMY® winner evokes the full spectrum of human emotion with technical brilliance and deep passion. Experience the exuberance, virtuosity, and passionate energy of Brazilian rhythms on guitar.

The Ibero-American Cultural Attachés Association (Asociación de Agregados Culturales Iberoamericanos, AACIA) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Its mission is to promote the culture, traditions, and artists from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. The proceeds of this event will support the activities carried out by the Ibero-American Culture program throughout the year.

We work actively to build bridges and strengthen cooperation ties between our countries and the United States, reaching a wide and varied audience through cultural activities and media outreach.


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